Favorites of the Month: October 2012

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I know, I know… I am a few days late but you know what they say - better late than never! So here's a list of my favorite items this October. :)

Bobbie Glaze Bronzer + Etude House BR308 Nail Polish Combination
This is a unique and interesting nail polish combination. I like that it's dark enough but not black. I remember seeing a shade like this from one of the more expensive brands - I just don't remember which one it was. My nail polish lasted for more than a week with this combination.

Belo Toner and Nivea Cream Moisturizer
My skin is usually supple and smooth but these past weeks, I've been having major skin problems. My skin's become blotchy and dry so I knew I had to take extra care of my skin. Enter the Belo toner and the Nivea Cream moisturizer. These two works wonders on my skin. I usually cleanse, tone and moisturize at night and this moisturizer is perfect. It's extra creamy and can feel oily at first but because my skin has been very very dry, this keeps it moisturized until I wake up in the morning. As for the toner, I like it because it works and it doesn't cause my skin to break out. 

Mac Lipstick in Rebel
Since I went back to black hair, I've enjoyed playing with dark lip colors that I didn't really use back when I had brown-red-blonde hair. When a friend of mine came home from Hong Kong, she got me this lipstick that I have been wanting and I've been using it non-stop. I really really like it!

Julia Accessories Angled Brush
I got this from The Landmark in Makati. I was quite surprised by the quality because this was less than Php100.00. I bought three because I use this kind of brush all the time. I use it to shape eyebrows, apply eyeliner and even in applying eyeshadow. If you ever find yourself in The Landmark, definitely get this brush! Great value for the price. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab
I know you know from my previous post (october haul) that I am enamored with my tablet. I can do a lot of things with it - from reading books, to staying connected with friends through my social media sites, wasting my time playing games (haha) to researching, working and all other things, it's very convenient and fun to have. 

'Til the next! :)

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Collective Haul: October

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New Gadget
I used to be a gadget fiend but I stopped buying gadgets in 2010 (or perhaps late 2009) because I realized I didn't really need all these techy things in my life. I was quite happy with just a laptop and my Android phone.Things changed when my sister, brother and mom got their own tablets and I was left to borrow from them. I have gadget ownership issues (lol) so I begged my big sis if she would be so kind to get me my own tablet too. I love that I could read on it, and draw (which I do badly hehe). I could stay connected via my social media accounts, take pictures, watch videos and do my research on a slightly bigger screen (because I used to use my phone to do these things). I am quite enamored with this nifty gadget, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

My favorite thing to do on this is read books. I can get a lot of books for free from the Kobo site, I can get from friends or even purchase from Amazon or Kobo the ones that I can't find in local bookstores. 

The thing that I don't like, though, is when someone calls me and I have this big thing on my ear. People look at me funny. Haha!

The Landmark Purchases (Part 1)
When my friends and I had lunch together in Makati, I oculdnt pass up the chance to visit The Landmark. I really enjoy going around that place. I find many great deals and fun items there. Case in point, the items on the photos above.

Do I really need these? Well, no. But I just couldn't resist!!!

The Landmark Purchases (Part 2)
Little Sis and I joined Big Sis, Nephew and parentals when they went to Makati for my nephew's check up. They dumped us in Greenbelt, so Little Sis and I walked around. We barely visit Makati so it was quite a fun trip. 

I always always visit the beauty section of The Landmark, especially their brush section. I saw these and I couldn't resist. They are quite good quality, especially the angled brushes. I also got a new nail polish, a BB cream, hair velcro, a head band and a new lash curler. I also set myself a budget and I didn't go over it!

From the Avon Lady
I got this conditioner from my Aunt's AVON lady. I wanted to try their hair products so I ordered the shampoo and conditioner set. Unfortunately, the shampoo was out of stock so I had to content myself with the conditioner.

SM Department Store Haul
I didn't have any intention of buying anything from SM but as I was walking through the beauty section, I realized I was completely out of my tinted moisturizer. I visited the Shawill kiosk and ended up walking away with these. The BB cream ended up being a little too dark on my skin so I had to give it to my sister. As for the nail polishes, I purchased 2 from the same brand when I visited the Landmark, so I knew they were great quality for the price. After a little prodding from Little Sis, I ended up walking away with 5 new nail polishes. 

The best thing about this haul was that I didn't have to pay cash for it! I used my BDO Rewards points to pay. Isn't that great?!

Superb Sale Bazaar
D invited me to go with her to the Superb Sale Bazaar and since I haven't been to a bazaar in ages, I said why not. I set a budget for myself - Php1000.00 for this trip and I had to get Little Sis her name necklace. 

I was able to stay within my budget and get the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk - which I have been on the look out for but could never find because it's always out of stock. Oh and Little Sis loved her necklace. 

Yay for gifts!
I am so lucky to have friends and family who understand and feed my passion for cosmetics. I got a number of gifts this month - all of them unexpected. 

From M, I received a new lipstick from Mac (Rebel), which has fast become my favorite lipstick for fall. From B, I received these pretty false lashes. I cannot wait to try them out! And from big sis, I received a shimmer powder from Skin Food and cutie socks. 

It looks like I spent and shopped a lot, but I didn't spend as much this past month. I used my rewards points and set myself budgets whenever I go out - and I've been working within those budgets. YAY for me! Haha!

Now I really do need to save. December is fast approaching!

Life Through Instagram: October 2012

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October was way busy - with get togethers, gigs, getaways - on top of an extremely busy work schedule. I didn't sleep as much as I would've liked, and suffered allergies and some minor illnesses too. Suffice it to say that October really wasn't my favorite month as I was barely able to rest - and I love me my rest time. Haha!

So here's what I was (mostly) up to in October. Some photos just cannot and should not be posted, and some situations you just don't have the time nor the inclination to take photos. HAHA! These photos are in no particular order. I just loaded everything on the collage editor and bam!  Lazy ass, sorry.

1. Allergies suck! :(
2. Work work work. 
3. J and P's wedding. 
4. Yummy strawberry cheesecake from Bag of Beans in Tagaytay.
5. Cheap thrills - my favorite pineapple-orange juice from 7-11. 
6. Reminiscing our younger years with J, M and A.
7. One of my favorite quotes from FRIENDS.
8. Mr. Sneaky the Snuggle Puss.
9. Cakes, pasta and sushi for a birthday celebration.

1. Trying the coat and boots in anticipation of going to another country with a colder climate.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't living in the PH. 
2. The ice/snow queen crown.
3. An affordable BB Cream which can be found in any SM Department Store.
4. Lunch at Chili's Makati with D, M and new friend G. 
5. Little sis as Jasmine. 
6. My new favorite glass/cup from the Landmark.
7. Chubby baby, oh how I miss you! This was taken when he was around 4 months old.
8. My "it's my birthday" photo from 2009.
9. Make up set up.

1. Cute socks courtesy of big sis. 
2. Little sis showcasing our egg salad experiment. 
3. Mom and Dad in one of their many Sharon-Richard moments. 
4. Little sis was ignoring me. I wanted to go get fishy ice cream but she wouldn't listen to me so I took a photo of her. That got her attention. HAHA!
5. More of our egg salad experiment.
6. Sisters adventuring in Makati. 
7. This always happens when I go to the Landmark... I purchase stuff I don't need. 
8. Reminiscing... Batangas early this year. 
9. Little sis as Pocahontas. 

1. M's pasalubong and my current favorite lipstick, Mac's Rebel.
2. A quote from Perks of Being a Wallflower.
3. More throwback photos. E and I, back in 2006. 
4. Crackle nails.
5. New shampoo to try. Will they bring the heat protectant here too?
6. Friday night shoe of choice.
7. My favorite from Chili's, their spring roll.
8. My college bessie T and I back in 2005. Fayatola days!
9. My cutie nephew. He was Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates for his school production. 

1. Vain moments... Snapping a photo before I sleep. 
2. Watching Aladdin with little sis on a Sunday night. 
3. Tita Ninins with bebi D on our way to the Superb Sale Bazaar.
4. I covet thee... Margiela for HM boots. 
5. Little sis as the Evil Queen from Snow White.
6. I liked my outfit for that day so much that I had to make a collage.
7. Little Sis as Mulan.
8. Bebi D outside the Superb Sale Bazaar.
9. My new toy. Thanks big sis!

1. Little sis as Red Riding Hood. 
2. Christian Siriano for Payless heels - really comfy!
3. Tagaytay always rejuvenates me. 
4. Great combination - nail polishes from Bobbie and Etude House. 
5. Welcome home S!!! Dinner with the balikbayan and her boyfie.
6. Superb Sale Bazaar FOTD.
7. More snaps from our Makati stroll.
8. Little sis as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
9. My current favorite necklace. Three little skulls.

1. A funny game I saw while I was looking through the top apps on the Google Play Store. Haha!
2. Throwback... P and J's fayatola days!!!
3. My college friend M and I. 
4. Little sis as Maleficent. 
5. Another bathroom shot with D. 
6. Little sis as Megara from Hercules.
7. Little sis as the Snow/Ice Queen. 
8. Haw haw, I havent seen this in years!!! Didn't know they still made these!
9. FOTD for J and P's wedding. 

1. Lunch with D, M and G. (yes, I mistakenly posted this twice on IG haha!)
2. Washroom shot with D and M after watching Perks of Being a Wallflower. 
3. Chill saturday night with D. 
4. Work mode with D.
5. Katsu with S, the balikbayan. 

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2012 Halloween Series: The Roundup

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Here's a quick round up of all the looks we came up with for this year's halloween:




Which one's your favorite?

2012 Halloween Series: Maleficent

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We are ending this year's halloween series with… Maleficent. 

To get my sister's face green, I mixed a light colored foundation and green pigment. I used a jade green eyeshadow to contour to add a bit of dimension to her face and a lime green eyeshadow to highlight. 

For the eyes, I used green on the lid, and violet on the crease. Added a bit of glitter to make it fun, and exaggerated her brows. As for the eyelashes, I wanted it to be extremely long so I made these myself.

I applied the left over glitter on top of her cheekbones as well.

As for the lips, I used a mix of plum, pink and red. 

Maleficent is not Maleficent without the horn. My mom created this for us out of scratch. Giant horns! Haha!

As for her costume, we re-used the Evil Queen cap and face mask thing, along with a long sleeved back top and long black skirt. The stick/staff was made at the last minute, haha!


So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this year's halloween series as much as I did working on them. Thank you so much to my little sis N, my amazing mom who made most of the costumes and props, to my brother who took the photos and to friends who lent us costumes! :)

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